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The best way to support us is to come to our concerts and events! That way, you get to spend time listening to amazing, dynamic music, and we get to play to you – so everyone’s a winner.

When you do come along, say hello to us, and sign up to hear about our future events – we love to keep in touch with everyone who shows interest in what we’re doing. Join us on facebook and twitter, and spread the word about Edinburgh’s (or possibly the world’s..!) most exciting orchestra.

Running an orchestra is an expensive business – but rewarding too! And in order to put on our concerts, we’re always looking for people and groups who might be willing to support us. We’re super grateful to all those who are already helping the EIO, and our thanks go to all of them listed below.


Some people are able to give just a little bit more, to help the orchestra keep ticking over, and to make sure that we can get the word out early to our most enthusiastic supporters.

If that’s you, sign up to hear the EIO’s news, here. In May we will be launching a patrons’ scheme for everyone who wants to make a regular donation to our work.

Corporate Partners

The EIO relies on the goodwill not only of our audiences and patrons, but also of companies who really go the extra mile to give back to the community. We’re always looking to explore possibilities with new corporate partners.

So if you feel like you have an idea of where the orchestra could go and how your business could help, or if you need an orchestra or musicians, or have a great event idea for classical music, write to us at


If you have skills that you’d like to share with us, but they don’t involve flutter-tonguing or double-stopped scales, we have just the role for you. The EIO has been a totally self-managing body since we were established in 2009. But now, we’re looking for trustees who know about music, the arts, finance, or other things useful to a young orchestra like us.

We’re looking to put together a team of people who can help us move in the right direction and continue to run amazing concerts and classical music education around Edinburgh. If that’s you, then write to us at

Support us with a donation

Want to make a donation to The EIO? Click the link to visit our donation page.

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